The Myths of Sunshine in the Night

The Myths of Sunshine in the Night is the second collection of poetry from a young up-and-coming English writing Czech author, Martin Boško.

Inside this book, you can find more than 130 new poems divided into four chapters. The Myths where you can find poems about various Gods, mystical creatures and ancient legends. The Sunshine which is filled with love, hope and happiness. The Shadow that balances the good and the bad. And finally, the Night that deals with dark emotions, depression, sadness and loneliness.

This book, just as the first collection, is full of honest poetry that comes straight out of the author’s heart. Because of that, it offers a unique glance into the author’s mind who invites you to join him and peek into the second window of his life.

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The Two Tales of Autumn Blues

The Two Tales of Autumn Blues are two stories written by Martin Boško, an English writing Czech author, that are connected by themes of sadness, parenthood and psychology.

Cathy is a psychological sci-fi story about a mother that gets an android to replace her recently deceased child and follows this strange relationship and the world‘s reaction to it.

Lily is a non-linear short story that is styled as a conversation between a mother and her daughter as she awaits critical surgery.

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Mythological Poems

Some myth-inspired poetry.

The Story of Em

A partially autobiographical short story.

Tabula Rasa

A sci-fi short story.

The Celestials

Gathered monologues of planets, stars, moons, and other celestial objects. An online collection of short stories.


A few chapters from my incomplete take on a classical story of Medea.

About the Author

Martin Boško is a Czech author who predominantly writes in English. His main genre is Poetry, which he often shares on his Instagram page , but he also wrote several Short Stories, some of which can be read on his website. His interest in mythology, science and universe often shows itself in his written work. He’s also a member of Mensa and he’s got a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Mathematics at Faculty of Education at Charles University. 


The Myths of Sunshine in the Night

The Two Tales of Autumn Blues

The Brain, the Hope & the Heart

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