What if you could predict the future? What would you do? Would you look at yours? Would you use it to get money? Would you help the less fortunate? What if you would know how you will end up before getting the power of prophecy… Would that influence you to accept the gift? What if it would show your life turned out miserable? What if the vision wouldn’t tell you, whether by rejecting the gift you avoid the painful future? How long do you think before others would discover your gift? What would they do? Would they try to exploit you? Would they try to persuade you to help them in their personal gain? Would you be able to resist their call? What would the government do, if they were to discover your gift? Would they lock you up somewhere? Would they offer you a job? What if you refuse? Would they take you by force? Would you be able to use your gift to avoid getting trapped? Where would you hide? Would you hide? Can the human race even operate with the power of prophecy? What if everyone can predict the future? Would that make the future unpredictable? If you were alone the one who would possess such a power, would you hide it? Would you act responsibly? Would the power corrupt you? What if the future shows to be unchangeable and you could only watch it unfold, without any exploitation or possibility to change? Wouldn’t knowing the future change the present? Would you be able to find inventions from the future and bring them in the present? Wouldn’t that change the future? Wouldn’t it bring new inventions to snatch from there? Wouldn’t we become infinitely advanced? What would we do if we didn’t strive for more? Would life have meaning if you knew every outcome? What if you couldn’t say anyone? What if you watched the love of your die on their death path? Would you still want the power? Wouldn’t you miss the unpredictability of life? Would you know how ever TV show ends before you watched it? Would it have a point to watch it if you saw it in your mind already? How far into the future would you see? Would seeing the end of your life traumatise you? Would the seeing of end of the civilisation traumatise you? What if it would be very soon? Would you try to warn others? Would they believe you? Would you be able to do anything else than just watching future? If the future has infinite outcomes wouldn’t it need the infinite time to watch the future? Would you be able to search in the future, or would you just saw random images? Would it frustrate you? Would you become infinitely smart? Would you be able to communicate with people? Would they comprehend your message? Would future sight have any point if it was only you who could use it and others wouldn’t believe? How long would it take before they would lock you up in a hospital? Would you be able to convince them? Would you influence the outcome by predicting it? Would your predictions prove to be impossible to fulfil because of your prediction? Would you give up? Would you fight? What would you do? Would you be able to operate in this world? Would you lose the ability to recognise what is the present and what is the future? Would you go crazy? Would you go so crazy that you would believe you never had the power? Do you still want to see the future?