The Sun

Sep 27, 2019

Look at all my beautiful children! Who would have thought I would ever be able to create such beautiful things! They are so diverse, so unique! Every single one of them is something special! Something I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of when I first formed and only dust was floating around me. Of course, I had more children in the past… They didn’t make it this far, but I still remember them fondly… My beloved proto planets. It’s thanks to them my system is the way it is and I am eternally grateful to them. They sacrificed their life, joined together, reformed! It was a beautiful spectacle to behold. But it was necessary. Only the strongest could survive and so they did. I don’t despair over their loss. The one thing I regret is that I can’t be with those who stayed forever. One day, my light will die and with it, I will too. It’s the nature of the universe. I am so proud of them. They make me what I am. Without them, I would be nothing. My little Mercury that just runs around all day with so much energy… My lovely Venus who is one of the most beautiful girls in the universe… My curious Earth thanks to whom I am one of the only stars in the universe that has the pleasure to shine upon carbon life… My unfortunate Mars who lost his breath so many years ago only to maybe find it again… My big strong Jupiter who shields my weaker children with his own body… My royal Saturn who wears the most extraordinary crown in the universe… My sleepy Uranus who is the only one that can work and lay at the same time… My icy blue Neptune always taking forever to visit… My poor tiny Pluto who has always had his heart on his sleeve… And Ceres, Eris and all my other children and grandchildren… I will always love you no matter what… We are a family.