#1 – A Report from an exploratory mission in rainforest of Southern America

Oct 1, 2019

Day 1 – Topic: Creepy Crawlers

This report was declassified and allowed for public view. Strategic information in the report was censored as required by law.

This is a report from an exploratory mission in rainforest of Southern America written by David Jacobs for [CENSORED]. The aim of the mission was to verify the theory of Dr Novak that claims there is a yet undiscovered cave that may hold artefacts of an ancient civilisation.

According to his study, some of the tribal nations living in certain area of the rainforest had a lot of similarities in their folklore, which was something unusual, because these nations were believed never to have met each other before. These mythological stories suggest that this theory was wrong. Through exhaustive research and communication with members of the tribes in question, Dr Novak determined the possible location of the cave. The team of three scientists was assembled and I was appointed as a fourth member of the team by [CENSORED].

We landed in [CENSORED] and continued to the location determined by Dr Novak by car and later, when the forests started to be too dense, we continued on foot. When we arrived at the area where the cave was supposed to be located, we spread out and looked for an entrance.

When we did not find anything of use after several hours of searching, we decided to do one final sweep of the location and return back to the car. When we were leaving the area, Dr Stevenson suddenly screamed and fell through a previously unnoticed hole in the ground. The team carefully ran towards the area, to avoid
another fall through.

The chasm was so deep that at first glance we did not see the bottom. We were trying calling the doctor’s name but there was no response. Assessing the situation, we decided that we cannot leave doctor there in case she’s seriously wounded. We could not call for help, because the civilisation was miles away and there is no phone signal in the dense forest. We took out a long rope that was a part of the gear we prepared for the cave exploration and secured it by a nearby tree and threw the other end to the abyss. Because of my skill and strength, I was the one to climb down and find the doctor. We also used light sticks to illuminate the cave. It was not as deep as we previously believed (around 10 meters by my estimate), but we could not see the doctor at the bottom.

When I climbed down and touched the ground, I switch on my torch and looked around. I found myself in a robust room with an altar at the centre of the room. The walls were inscribed with painting and symbols I did not understand. This must be the cave we were looking for. I looked around for the doctor, but I could not find her. There was nothing that suggested here presence, except for a piece of cloth that must have been torn off from her shirt. I once again tried calling her name, but I only heard my echoed voice as a response. On closer investigation, the dust on the ground looked like someone was dragging something towards the only other entrance to the room.

The others decided to climb down to the cave to help me with the search. When we were all in the cave, Dr Novak confirmed that the inscription on the walls corresponds with the folklore of the tribes. This was the cave we were looking for the whole day. Even though Dr Novak wanted to analyse the symbols on the wall more thoroughly, we decided against it and started to search for Dr Stevenson instead.

The entrance lead to a corridor leading to an unknown place and was not high enough for us to stand in. We decided to crawl and follow the hall in hopes we find Dr Stevenson somewhere near. The working theory was that either something dragged her out of the cave or that she decided to find an exit on her own.

The hall was wide enough for a person to crawl without problem, but not wide enough for multiple people. I decided to go first, and the other two doctors trailed after me. After around two minutes, we reached crossroads. Suddenly, there were three possible directions to choose from. We had no indication where the doctor disappeared and to save as much time as possible, we split up into the three hallways. To avoid any possible problems, we decided to meet back at the crossroads in thirty minutes.

I took the left path and followed the hall that seemed to slightly rise to an upward angle. After around ten minutes of crawling with small pauses, I noticed a dim light coming from a space before me. I followed it and found myself back above ground long way from the original entry point. I looked around to find any signs of Dr Stevenson, but the nature seemed untouched. After ten minutes I decided to go back toward the meeting point.

When I reached the crossroads, nobody was there. I waited ten more minutes, but no one reappeared. I decided to follow the middle path and find out what happened to Dr Novak. Just to be sure, I used one of the light sticks to mark the exit I just found, which I also hope signals the others the way to go in case they reappear at the crossroads before I return.

I entered the middle path and after just two minutes, I arrived at another crossroads. This time the hall divided into five different paths. I knew I had no time to follow them all and looked for a sign of where Dr Novak might have gone. When I was observing the space, I heard muffled noise coming from one of the corridors. I did not find any other sing that would indicate Dr Novak’s chosen path, so I decided to follow the sound.

As I progressed through the hall, the noise seemed louder. I could not place the sound anywhere and had no idea what was making it. Instinctively, I switched of the torch and continued as silently as possible towards the noise. I inched my way slowly and carefully toward the sound. Finally, I reached the end of the hall. The noise was now clear and loud. It sounded ominously. There was a dim light coming from somewhere in the cave that allowed me to see outlines of objects. The hall opened into a wide cave that was still not high enough for a person to stand. Something was moving in the dark. There was a lot of movement. I couldn’t see what it was. The light was too dim. I debated what to do. My heart was beating loudly. One part of my brain said that there was nothing to fear and the movement
was just one of the doctors. The other part cautioned me and wanted me to turn back and run.

Finally, my curiosity was stronger than my fear and I decided I need to know what is happening in the cave. I carefully took out my torched and switched it back on. The moment I did that I completely regretted my decision. What I saw almost paralysed me, but what I heard was worse. The moment I switched of the light and aimed it towards the cave, the room was filled with painful screams that struck me to the core. I have never heard something so horrendous in my life and I have never seen something like this either.

The room was full of creatures that I have never seen before. They resembled humans but were so distinctly different. They were incredibly pale and walked on their four limbs. They looked like human arms and legs but were in such a position that it made me doubt what I see. My flight response immediately kicked in and I turned back towards the hall and tried to run away. The noises behind told me that I was being chased. I crawled as fast as possible, but suddenly, I felt something grasping my legs. I turned my flashlight towards them, and it let me go screaming terribly. I figured they were not used to light, and it caused them pain. I kept on crawling and crawling through the space. Nothing seemed to follow me anymore, but I did not take chance to relax. I hurried and entered the first crossroads.

My brain had trouble working out which way was the correct way out for a second, but I remembered. Suddenly, from a different hall, one of the creatures emerged and tried to tackle me to the ground. I instinctively aimed the torch towards his face, but it still tried to grasp me with what I assumed to be its hands. I kicked it a few times and entered the hall. This one was a bit tighter than the previous one, which meant that it would not be able to crawl next to me. I heard more screams and weird noises behind me, and I did not dare to look back. I crawled fast and returned back to the original crossroads. Panicked, I almost turned left, but the light stick reminded me where to go.

I looked back to the hall I was just in and saw quick movement behind me. I pointed the torch towards the corridor and put it on the ground in a way that illuminated the whole corridor. I heard screams and from the movement noticed the creatures turned the other way. I had no intention of waiting here for them to return. I took the way up and this time crawled much faster than before. In a few minutes, I was back out, shaken and gasping for air. I felt safer above ground, but the night was coming, and the light would not protect me anymore. I presumed that the rest of the team was killed by those creatures and decided to run towards the car and call for help.

Looking at it back now, I assume the creatures were human, evolved by centuries of living in the caves we found. Evolved so they could crawl effectively. They did not need to stand. They crawled fast, because their limbs were positioned effectively by it and they were hurt by light, because they were not used to it. Finally, it is my recommendation to avoid this place at any cost and never return there again.