Sep 27, 2019

Once upon a time, there was this giant, monstrous star. It wasn’t the biggest of the stars, but it certainly wasn’t the smallest. It was one that was perfect. Perfect for what was to happen to her. If she was smaller or bigger, everything would be different. But she was just right. She lived a long and happy life. Not the longest, but she lived her life fully. As is the nature of the universe, she began to age and the older she was, the more unstable she got. She had an internal crisis. She was unstable. She didn’t know whether to burst out or whether to shrink and implode. She was fighting with herself. There were two sides to her battle and they were relentless in their efforts. One wanted to go in, one wanted to go out. This couldn’t take place for long. It was driving her insane. The forces were weakening and strengthening. It was a roller-coaster and the odds were in favour of both. But ultimately, there could have been only one winner. One day, she woke up and felt incredible anger. It was something she had never experienced before. She wanted to scream. And she did. It wasn’t just any scream. It was her last and loudest. Her Swan song. She shouted so loudly that her agony was heard from many light-years away. She shouted so loudly that her coat had burst and caused a massive explosion. It was magnificent. One of the most beautifully terrifying acts of the universe. The birth of me. The birth of a Nebula. As she bursted, she spewed everything she was made of into the space around her. Every single atom, every single thought, every single emotion. Everything was sent into the nothingness. But it wasn’t forgotten. It created a majestic cloud. My body. I am now her reincarnation. Floating in the space waiting to rebirth the true descendent of the star. I am doing my part in the cosmic wheel, looking at the rest of the universe, relishing and enjoying every single part of it till my time comes. My days are numbered, but numerous. My sons and daughters will remember my feelings… They will be my legacy. My dynasty. My future. And they will be beautiful.