Waiting Penelope

May 25, 2021

Where are you?

I heard stories that you departed…

What did you do?

There’s no way you got outsmarted

Did you forget I am awaiting your arrival?

Did you not think our house will be full of rivals?

Did you forget you have a son?

Why didn’t you come when the war was done?


Other wives have their husbands home

Yet you are leaving me on Ithaca alone

Come back, my love, return to your throne

Come back before my heart turns to stone


Ten years ago you were stolen by a war

Ten years ago you stepped outside our door

Yet I have been patiently waiting

By fears and nightmares I was waking

And I have cried my eyes out more than I can count

This loneliness I feel is not something I can surmount


Come back to our bed, to our tree

Come back to me!


I beg the gods above

Don’t delay my beacon

Don’t hinder love


The sun is dawning

Another day without news

Tomorrow’s morning

My watch continues


I’ll be once again looking out my window

Not knowing if I am a wife or a widow

You never should have left!

Your forced departure was worse than a theft

Athena, guide home your favourite

Or don’t you love him no more for his shrewdness and bravery?

Oh gods…

We mortals are but pieces in your lust for glorious wars