Theseus and Minotaur

May 25, 2021

The son of Aegeus, the stories have said

Had entered a maze with nothing but a thread

He would have been lost in the Cretean halls

If not for a gift that was unwrapping on the floor

And when he neared the Labyrinth’s core

And heard a monstrous, petrifying roar

He bravely continued in his steps

Two turns right and one turn left

Then entered a room without a ceiling

Greeted he was by a figure unappealing

Disgusted by the abominable sight

He stood firm, got ready for a fight

The creature watched, got on all fours

And in two seconds, not less, not more

Charged the hero that he just met

Theseus quickly out of charge-path leapt

To let the bull-man hit a wall

Stone was chipped, fell on the floor

And the hero jumped, forced bull-man down

Strangled him till he made no sound

He picked up again Ariadne’s thread

To the princess he owed a massive debt

For he followed it back to start

Where Ariadne, loving and smart

Was waiting for his victorious return

So that they could then turn

And escape

As two lovers joined through divine fate