May 27, 2021

I desired you

Eros had stricken my heart

I was mad with lust for you

Every inch of my being, every part


Some say I became mad

That gods deprived me of sanity

But how can love be so bad

I accept no judgement from humanity


When I first saw you

My womb shivered

My mind raced with ideas

Like a wild ferocious river


I ran to Daedalus, to help me with a contraption

So that I can offer myself to you, shape my desire into action


I have disguised myself as one of your kind

You didn’t wait a second

Came from my behind

Ecstasy waiting to happen


You entered me and I was maddened by joy

The device worked, I was happy to be your toy

Never felt such pleasure as when I was filled with your seed

I have craved for more, you swept me of my feet


The child of our love now grows inside

It was destiny

Gods blessed our union

It was meant to be