Sep 27, 2019

The thing you need to know about me is that I was named after the fastest god the god of messages for a reason my life is pretty rushed I am not gonna lie and that is the reason why I can’t spend any time in something that is not productive therefore I don’t give a damn about any friendships any feuds nothing I don’t even have a time to use punctuation I say if you want to say something say it quickly and everything at once and you will make everyone a favour because time is money friends time is money I love my mother but I am so busy I have to run quickly everywhere because I just can’t stop I don’t know what is to wait I don’t know what is peace no I just quickly go about my day but I at least keep my eyes on her you know I mean I am her favourite son after all you know that because she keeps me so close must be my lovely personality and the fact that I don’t spent my time with idle chit chat I just say what I need to say as quickly as I can and I am on my merry way I actually move so fast that some of your Greek astronomers thought I was two different objects seriously they couldn’t believe my fastness and I am definitely the master of that the only problem is that I can’t run as fast as I would like you see it’s because I feel so heavy it actually slows me down I could be even faster but its whatever doesn’t matter it’s cool you know what I actually have to run again so thanks for the chat but I have to go.