Haiku Collection

Mar 28, 2020


Messenger of gods
Running around his mother
Fast as a lightning



Mother of women
Locked in eternal sun gaze
Clouds raining acid



The giver of life
Most exceptional planet
Mother to us all



Red planet of war
Future harbour of humans
Patiently waiting


Sitting in the dark
Wanting back what was stolen
Holding his heart tight


The Sun

Yellow orb of light
Giver of all energy
Centrepoint of life



Searching for danger
Like a suicidal fish
Waiting for a bait


Do nothing

Sometimes it is good
To sit around, do nothing
Clear your busy mind


Obsessive helper
Looking for the broken things
Mending them with tears


Midnight loneliness

Midnight loneliness
Waiting for me in shadows
Plotting an attack


Followed by many
Giant among the giants
With an orange mark



Royal rings around
Saturn the devourer
Dominating space



Solitary Greek
Butt of all immature jokes
Lays on his backside



Blue as an ocean
Last among his brethren
Guarding the outside

Night In a city

Night in a city
Illuminated darkness
Stars covered by light 

Why am I awake? 

Why am I awake?
Thinking about the futures
That will never be



Have you ever felt
Like an alien being
Planted amongst men?


Parallel lines

Like parallel lines
Meeting at infinity
We’ll find each other

World Mental health day

Our whispering minds
Make us our own enemies
To fight every day