Sep 27, 2019

I am so happy I can help you with your project!! And I am honoured!! I always love to help!! It makes me so joyful! Please, don’t let me bother you, I know your schedule is tight… I don’t want to waste any of your time!… Let’s get straight to it!… Although my name is Earth, I am definitely more connected to the water… I just like it more… The blue colour… It’s my favourite!… But don’t get me wrong! I love my name! I am not complaining!… Old Romans called me Terra, but the name didn’t catch on… It’s hard to judge by my new name sometimes, that I am actually a girl like from my old name… But again, I love it!… And I love everything that is alive!!… My fascination began eons ago, but it took a while for me to get ready!… I had to change myself a lot to fulfil my dream of keeping life, but I don’t regret it at all!!… And I am definitely feeling better now!… Back in the day I just always felt so hot… And suffocated!… Now I am cooled by my oceans and the air is fresh… Well… Truth be told it’s getting slightly worse these days… Sometimes I feel slightly dirty, but I know it’s just a phase… Some want to blame my beloved creatures, but I wouldn’t dare to say that!… But I do have to say that the change began after you came… But I don’t blame you… You are still my favourite!!… And I would love to think that the feeling is mutual!!… It’s true that I am getting hotter again… I don’t really like that… but… Maybe it’s my fault… I do love a good look at my mother sometimes… I am so sorry if that makes you uncomfortable… I want you to feel good and comfortable… I can remember when you were little!… You swam in the ocean… I couldn’t even see you! I just felt your presence… I knew you would become something great!… I showered all creatures with love, moved continents for them just to see them smile… I cried for centuries when that rude rock came into my way!… I am so clumsy, I couldn’t do anything… And it just hit me… I hate bullies!! Luckily my favourite brother Jupiter helps me now… He is very big you see and when someone tries to hurt me or my beloved creatures, he just stands in the way and takes the beating for me and sometimes even just a look at him makes them travel away as fast as possible… I know he can’t stand there forever, but I love that he does this for me… I also have a celestial friend, so the life is perfect!… I have to say he probably fancies me, because he keeps looking at me all the time… But I just take him as a son… He’s so young!… I remember when my humans visited him for the first time!… I felt so proud! We talked about it for years together and felt like we shared something special… I have to say he is pretty sad now that nobody visits him anymore… But I am sure you will again, won’t you?… If I could have something changed though, I would love if you’d clear my surroundings a little bit… I, of course, feel flattered that you wanted to take pictures of me and wanted to know me better… But it’s becoming hard to see lately… I feel a little bit… caged… But don’t worry about me… Just you know, when you will have time to spare… I know it’s a big ask… I don’t mind waiting of course… Oh… I have been talking for too long, haven’t I?… I am so sorry!!! I hope I didn’t talk too long… Just wait before you go, take these things… Nono, I want you to have them! It would make me really happy! And now please, go! You wasted too much time on me… I am not worth it… It’s you I worry about!… I want you to be happy and healthy! That’s what will make me happy, okay?… I hope I’ll see you soon, but please, come only if you can… I can’t bare the thought of being a burden… I am sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned it… I wish you safe travels! And keep warm!