Chapter Three – A Horrid Act

Sep 28, 2019

He turned on his heeled and started running towards a boat on a coast. She ran after him. As they approached the boat, she noticed a small figure standing beside it. It was covered in shadow of the night, but it seemed strangely familiar. As she got even closer she stopped in her track. It was her younger brother.

“Absyrtus, what are you doing here?” she asked. 

“I don’t want to live here anymore. I am tired of our father, I am tired of the life that awaits me. It’s boring. I want to go with you and explore the world.” 

She didn’t know what to say. Was this a trap orchestrated by her father? Why would his favourite son wanted to leave this place. She always loved him, but could she trust him? She understood the struggle he had described. Life here was so predictable and boring. She was awaken from her daydreaming by distant screaming and sound of bells. They knew. They had to embark now to get some distance because her father will definitely send his armada to follow them. 

“Jason, can my brother come with us?” she asked. 

He looked at him suspiciously obviously pondering the same questions she did, but he replied, “yes, he can come. But we have to hurry now. Your father won’t let us go easily.” the three of them went aboard the ship and were welcomed by the crew. They eyed both her and her brother with worry, but Jason explained the situation. In a few minutes they raised their anchor and started sailing toward Iolcos. The stars were twinkling illuminating their path. She looked back at the land of Colchis and wiped a tear from her eyes. Jason approached her from behind and put his hands around her. He kissed her on her cheek and said, “Welcome aboard the Argo my love. Everything will be alright now.” They stayed like this for what seemed like hours. Cuddled, watching the stars, sharing their moment in silence. It was like in the images she saw in the throne room when they first met. This was meant to be. 

Suddenly a sound of alarm brought them back to reality. Behind them, several ships appeared. Ships bearing the sails of her father. They were being chased and their pursuers were gaining on them. She had to do something or all of this would be a waste. They would catch them, subdue them and kill them for their transgressions. After what she did, after she betrayed her family like this, the only way now is forward. She had to do something. Something to stop them. Her eyes spotted her brother. An idea so terrible crossed her mind that she almost choke on it. It was unthinkable, but yet she thought of it. There wasn’t much time and something had to be done. Something radical. Something almost inhumane. She prayed to Hecate for strength. She saw the paths before her and she chose. She chose the path where here beloved would survive. A path that would allow them to continue and live happily ever after. This had to be done. And she will do it. For him. For love. 

She approached her brother that was talking with another crewmember. They were bonding over something and he looked so happy. He looked so innocent. She stopped the tear forming in her eye and stomped the ground to give herself courage. She got to him and patted him on the arm. 

“Can you come with me for a second?” she asked with a faked casual tone.

“Sure,” he answered.

She led him to the end of the ship. Nobody could see them together there. They were shielded from the gaze of others. 

“So why did you brought me here?” he asked. 

“I wanted you to see the stars. Can you see how they reflect in the water? It’s so beautiful. So peaceful.” 

He looked over towards the water and gazed upon the natural spectacle that unfolded before him. “You are right. This is beautiful.” 

“Yes,” she said and moved so that she would stay directly behind him. They were looking at the stars in the water. Or that was what he thought. She moved her hand towards her waist. She tried to appear calm and talked when she was doing it. “I also brought you here, because I wanted to say you something.” Her hand, unnoticed, work its way towards her goal. “I wanted to apologise to you.” Her hand was in place, gripping the hilt of her sacrificial dagger. She continued with her soothing peaceful voice. “Please forgive me.” 

“For what?” he asked still watching the dance of stars on the river. 

“For this,” she said and quickly, before he could turn, she unsheathed the knife and cut his throat. Thunder sounded in the distance just when her blade left his neck. She got sprayed with blood and dropped the knife. What had she done? Behind her appeared Jason and looked shocked at what he had just witnessed. He must have seen it all hiding in the shadows. 

“What did you…” 

“It had to be done,” she said sobbing, her tears coming from her eyes with a brutish force. “I had to do something. For you. For us. This was the only way. My father loved him. He will see his body and will stop. He will need to bury him. Funeral rites are sacred.” She was barely intelligible, but Jason understood. He wanted to. He had to believe there was a reason for such a horrid act. He approached her and hugged her tight. He kissed her on the head.

“What is done, is done…” he said. He released her, went to the body of her dead brother and threw him in the water. He stared at the body and said nothing. Medea approached him timidly. He looked at her and had a tear in his eyes. “You should wash. The others mustn’t know.” 

She disappeared from the scene of crime before anybody noticed anything. She washed away the blood that reminded her the terrible thing she had done. The only thing that kept her sane right now was that she was right. The ships that were tailing them noticed the body of her brother in the river, pulled him out and stopped in their tracks. They disappeared behind the horizon and after a while it was like they were never there. None of the crew were speaking or asking any questions about her brother. She didn’t know what Jason told them, but she was glad she didn’t have to lie. She had withdrawn to the cabin that was assigned to her, alone. She undressed, took out the jewels that were still on her ever since the morning that now seemed like it was centuries ago and layed on the bed. It almost felt like it happened to different person. Who would have said a person can change so much in the course of a one day? She definitely wouldn’t think it possible. Just yesterday she was the cold distant princess she had grown into and it took only one day to wipe her history clean. She fell in love with a stranger, betrayed her father, stole the golden fleece her homeland needed in order to thrive. She ran away from home. She killed her brother. She would have never dreamed something like that happens when she prayed to Hecate for the break of monotony. Who knew her goddess was really listening to her? She granted her wish in a way that could have been only orchestrated by the gods. She was a puppet in some majestic scheme of theirs, but she didn’t mind. She didn’t mind as long as she had him. But he saw her when she killed him… How can he look at her the same? How can he still love her when he knows what she’s capable of? But she did it for him! And it had to be done… Tears flooded her eyes and she silently wept until she fell asleep. She didn’t even pray.