Binary System

Sep 27, 2019

Long time ago, in a distant past, our system formed from the celestial dust. There was such an abundance of resources that universe was able to create two stars. Me and my beloved. We woke up, created for each other. I was larger than her… as it often is. Ever since we opened our eyes, we knew only one another. We got to know each other. Danced the celestial tango for eternity. We grew closer and closer. It was a period of joy and paradise. But it is the nature of the universe that nothing lasts forever. As if by a cruel joke, my natural greatness was my downfall. Bigger body meant faster life. Much faster than that of my beloved. The forces battling in me prepared for their final battle. I knew something was wrong. I tried to warn her, but it was too late. She got too close. She couldn’t escape and save herself. She could only watch as a monstrous process made an abomination out of me. Monster with no light. No real form. Possessed by eternal hunger and so strong that it could get what it needed. What it desired. I imploded. Shedded everything. My beloved jumped away, but the force of implosion wasn’t enough. She couldn’t escape my new monstrous self. I couldn’t control myself. I could only watch as my new found force strips layers of her. As it sucks away everything she’s made of. For eternity I watched her tragedy and heard her muffled screams of pain. I grew accustomed to it… Something dark inside me even liked it. It desired her suffering. Her pain meant the soothing of my hunger. My old self was a prisoner in my new body. It was devoured every day just as she was. This suffering seemed to be never ending. Until one day, she was no more. Her light was dimmed and only a memory of her remained. I was alone. I am alone. Dying in agony. Just as she did. Universe is cruel. Everything is destined for suffering and solitude. Merciless.