#2 – A Final Confession of Sarah Silverman

Oct 2, 2019

Day 2 – Topic: Chilling Children

I, Sarah Silverman, write this confession in full consciousness and clear mind as an account of what happened tonight. I am aware of what I confess to, but I do this in hope that I will be forgiven in the minds of others for what they must believe was a heinous crime. In my mind, it was the only cause of action I could have taken. For this story to make sense and make you understand, I must start at the very beginning, and I ask you for patience.

Three years ago, I met my husband, Jack, and we fell madly in love. We got married after three months and eventually, from our love, another life was born. Three lives, actually, for I was bearing triplets. My pregnancy was something unusual, but I thought nothing of it at the time. I suffered from no morning sickness, required sleep during the day and stayed wild awake through the night, the babies inside me were still and almost never kicked. My dreams were haunted by nightmares and my hormones were making my mood swings rapid and more than common.

As the time went on, my husband grew weary and impatient with my current state. He was easily irritable and often very inebriated. His intoxication only made his moods worse and he often relieved himself by loud shouting, emotional abuse and destruction of our property. He never hit me during my pregnancy, but I was often worried he would. This amount of stressed caused me some complications, after which I was put on a bed rest until the time of birth.

This incident seemed to return Jack back into reality. He was truly sorry about what he had done before, sobered up and showered me once again with his love, attention and occasional gifts that made me very happy. At first, I was hesitant to forgive him, however, after I saw the remorse in his eyes, I realized that my state must have been just as hard on him as it was on me. I accepted his apology and once again saw the man I fell in love with almost three years ago. The day once again seemed brighter and maybe because of the relief, my mood improved, and I was feeling much better than before. I still suffered from occasional nightmares, but they were not as horrifying as before.

Once my time came, I was rushed to the hospital and the delivery took 33 hours. I was so tired that I didn’t even realize the babies did not cry when they were born. They were completely calm. I had to be reminded of the fact afterwards by other and the doctors told me, they have never even heard of anything like this happening. They were convinced that the babies were stillborn before they started moving.

When I first saw the babies fully conscious and rested, I could not help but feel chill running down my spine. They looked so… strange. They were almost completely still. They did not perform any sudden movements, only turned their head and slowly moved their arms. They were pale, with light blue, almost fluorescent, eyes, and when they looked at you, it felt like they were staring directly at your soul. I could not shake that horrible feeling. That horrible feeling of something evil.

At first, I tried not to think about it, but it did not last long. We returned home and Jack grew suddenly distant. He almost stopped talking to me, spent more time alone and seldom smiled. He did not want to have anything to do with the children and avoided them with numerous excuses. I tended to them with utmost resentment, only because of my maternal instincts and also because I felt incredibly guilty for feeling this way.

At night, my nightmares worsened and from what I gathered, Jack was suffering from them too, though he did not mention it. The air seemed chilly in our apartment no matter how much we tried to heat it. Lights often flickered and lightbulbs sometimes exploded out of a sudden. The children were still mostly silent, never crying, never screaming, never making any loud noise.

Tonight, when I woke up from a nightmare, Jack was not lying next to me. Startled, I got up from the bed and slowly paced towards the door. When I opened it, creaking sounded through the house. I moved slowly through the hall, looking for him. I noticed that the doors of the room with the children were opened differently than I let them when I went to bed. I walked warily towards the door and opened it fully. There, in the middle of the room, was my husband, hanging from the ceiling, facing directly towards the children. I was stunned. I knew he was dead and that there was no saving him. I also knew that the children were to blame. They were awake with eyes fixed on the corpse. I moved closer and I heard it. They laughed. It was the first time I have ever heard that noise and it was like a knife was thrusted into my chest. The most terrifying sound I have ever heard. They were evil. I had to stop them before they grew. I knew they would be a menace to the world if I did not. I went back to the bedroom, picked up a pillow and returned back.

I do not regret what I did. I believe it was necessary. I only ask the God for forgiveness and others for understanding. Now that I explained what happened, I hope you will see it too. I will leave this letter for others to find, return to the room and follow my husband.